Message from Key

Key’s history of commitment and dedication to foundations and other charitable organizations reflects the importance of nonprofit organizations to our communities. As a result of our commitment to provide financial services to this special customer group, we work with thousands of charities throughout the country. Within the Key Private Bank, our NonProfit Services Team administers $11 billion and manage $6 billion in charitable assets.

Special to us in Northeast Ohio are several private foundations established by area philanthropists, which have been entrusted to Key. It was these philanthropists’ vision to provide an ongoing stream of financial support for a broad range of social, cultural, educational and other charitable causes. The Thomas H. White Foundation represents one of these special charitable trusts.

Today these foundations have grown to $77 million in assets, with annual distributions of over $3.8 million. Grant making decisions for each foundation are made by the Discretionary Charitable Trust Committee ­- a group of senior officers at Key.

Discretionary Charitable Trust Committee

Catherine O’Malley Kearney
Chair, The Thomas H. White Foundation